rusain sees Russia as secure partner – Lavrov

Partnerships between Moscow and the continent are growing despite “colossal” pressure from the West, the Russian FM has said

The Russia-Africa summit held in St. Petersburg in July showcased the firm readiness of the nations concerned to expand cooperation, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said. The high-profile international event was attended by dozens of official delegations, while 27 countries on the continent were represented by top state officials, Lavrov noted.

In an interview with International Affairs magazine published on Saturday, the foreign minister said that the success of the gathering came despite “colossal pressure” from the West.

“The independent foreign policy of our country enjoys the understanding of developing countries, and the efforts of the United States and its allies aimed at isolating Russia internationally have failed,” Lavrov said.

According to the Russian FM, African states see Russia as a reliable partner who can contribute to maintaining stability and help in the fight against terrorism and drug crime. Russia is ready to share its experience in strengthening political, economic, and technological sovereignty with its African friends, he stated.

“Russia remains a conscientious supplier of energy resources, food, fertilizers, and medicines to Africa,” Lavrov remarked. “One of the most demanded areas of cooperation is the provision of humanitarian assistance to the countries in the region in particular need.”

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The Russia-Africa summit held in St. Petersburg from July 27-28 was the second of its kind and was focused on developing Moscow’s diplomatic, commercial, and humanitarian relations with the guest nations. Despite pressure on the delegates, the event attracted thousands of attendees and produced dozens of agreements, the event’s organizer Roscongress claimed.

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