I’m naming my daughter after a candle – people say it’d be ‘great for a kitten’

AN expectant mom who wants to name her daughter after a scented candle has been roundly trounced after sharing her choices on an online forum.

Commenters plowed in with their views on the moniker with one suggesting it was “great for a coffee creamer or a kitten [but] not a human.”

A woman's choice of name for her daughter has been roundly trounced on Reddit


A woman’s choice of name for her daughter has been roundly trounced on RedditCredit: Getty

This mom had already been experiencing some doubt about the name, so decided to field the opinions of others.

Therefore, she took her dilemma to Reddit where respondents struggled to hold back with their views on the unusual title.

“I’m feeling some worry about a baby name that I love,” she began her post.

Then she revealed the name: “So my husband and I love the name Vanilla and I just am a bit worried that some people I know won’t like it.”

That was perhaps an understatement when it came to the comments her post attracted from Redditors.

The couple had a suggestion, however, for a nickname.

“We plan to mostly call her Vivi but there are just not many other full names that I could use for that.

“My mom gave me a boring name that never really got any attention (good or bad), and I just can’t do that to my future daughter.”

Her rationale behind the name lay in something altogether surprising.

“Vanilla is soothing and warm and I love the idea that we named her after such a nice scent. It’s used in lots of great recipes and it’s very popular in candles.”

This mom fully anticipated the name wasn’t for everyone.

“I’m worried that people will have weird reactions when we tell them we named her Vanilla, even though it’s a beautiful name.”

Commenters to her post had a field day.

One person said: “Vanilla is a great name for coffee creamer or a kitten, but perhaps not for a human baby.”

A second person played with name associations: “Hmm I see your struggle. I think what this comes down to is the middle name. My suggestions would be Extraght or Essenz.”

There was a wildcard and cheeky option from this respondent.

“Can I also suggest Castoreum? This is a secretion from the anal glands of beavers that has a smell similar to vanilla, so you can use the nickname Vivi but have a totally different first name – super versatile.”

This fan had other choices she could consider for future additions to the family.

“It would be so lovely to bless Vanilla with a sister Hazelnut and perhaps a brother Peppermint.”

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But there was at least one Redditor who liked her choice.

“Go for it! My cousin just used a real-estate agent named Cinnamon and if she can make it in the world so can little Vanilla.”

Redditors had a field day with her name choice


Redditors had a field day with her name choiceCredit: Getty

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