Trump’s ‘best defense’ pinpointed as prosecution stumbling block emerges

Donald Trump’s “best defence” to beat all four cases brought against him is to win the 2024 US Presidential Election, a former US federal prosecutor told Daily Express US.

“The best defence [Trump] has is delay because he delays the case and he becomes president all his legal problems go away. It’s well established that a sitting president can’t be prosecuted,” former federal prosecutor Neamaa Rahmani said.

He noted that the charges brought against Trump are unprecedented and the issue would likely go to the Supreme Court which has never been tested on the issue.

Mr. Rahmani continued: “The Department of Justice has long held that a sitting president can’t be prosecuted but the Supreme Court hasn’t directly addressed this issue. Generally, presidents have been given broad immunity.”

In the latest Georgia case, Fulton County DA Fani Willis’s strategy of throwing the “kitchen sink” at Trump may actually help the former president if he can beat Joe Biden in 2024.

District Attorney Willis wants to begin the trial within six months but it’s unlikely such a big case will be ready to try in such a short time.

“When you charge this many people, including this many lawyers who are going to assert all sorts of legal protections and privileges, there’s no way this case goes to trial [this year]. Willis says she wants to push the case in six months but I would be shocked if it happened before 2024,” Mr. Rahmani added.

This is a different strategy than that being used in the federal elections case against Trump where prosecutors are being “more surgical” to quickly push the case to trial.

Trump, along with 18 of his associates, has been charged under Georgia’s Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act normally used to target organized crime.

He has to surrender in Fulton County before August 25 – and is expected to fiercely fight the charges, which he has described as a “witch hunt” on Truth Social.

Georgia’s version of the federal law is considered more expansive but both laws allow prosecutors to charge multiple individuals who commit separate crimes while working towards a common goal.

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