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When you go to McDonald’s and receive your order, do you detail the food packaging? Have you looked at the lid of the drinks? Have you noticed that they have buttons or bubbles? Surely you don’t know why those buttons are there, but a curious client dared to find out and asked.

The curiosity of a McDonald’s customer led him to ask about the usefulness of these buttons on the Internet and he received an almost immediate response from the employees.

The employees of the fast food chain explained that these buttons make it possible to distinguish between the types of drinks, that is, to differentiate between classic, Zero and Light Coca Cola, since each order can include different types of drinks.

This curious customer noticed how the employees had pressed the button on the lids of the drinks, and that’s where the concern arose.

When detailing the mechanism to identify the drinks, the employees explained that they press a random button for the Light and 2 random buttons or all 4 for the Zero. With this method they identify what type of drink it is, since it is very practical.

Customer @itsdybec uploaded a video on TikTok to explain the discovery and show what the buttons on McDonald’s cup lids do.

Although it is a general rule to mark drinks with buttons on the lids, the truth is that this client, when making the inquiry, received comments from employees of several stores that apply this same method.

However, they do apply it, but with some variations, as indicated by Ok Diario, so it is concluded that there is a general rule, but each establishment has its variations.

When we visit a restaurant, store or cafeteria there are things that can arouse curiosity in us as customers and it has to do with the management of the type of business. As is the case with these buttons on the lid of the drinks that many are unaware of and that have a practical utility when offering customer service.

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