Court documents reveal new details in Ft Ann teen shooting

FT ANNE, N.Y. (NEWS10) — News details have emerged in the case of a Washington County teen who shot another teenager on Wednesday. NEWS 10 is concealing the victim and suspect’s names due to their ages.

17 yo old charged with manslaughter in death of 14 yo in Ft Ann

Recently obtained Court documents state that the 17 year old suspect recklessly fired a shotgun which struck the victim in the abdomen. The victim who we’ve now learned turned 14 this past Sunday, later died at Glens Falls Hospital.  The documents also reveal that the 17 year old suspect has been charged with second-degree manslaughter, and reckless endangerment. The shooting occurred after 5:10 PM Wednesday at a home on Charles Street. 3 other people were present in the apartment at the time of the shooting.

District Attorney Tony Jordan on the matter:

“In New York with an individual under 18, that begins a pre-process, where a decision has to be made first as to by our office, as to whether we want to seek permission from the court to pursue the matter, prosecute the matter in the youth part of county court, which would be criminal court, if he made that decision to file that application, and then the court will have to make a decision as to whether or not extraordinary circumstances have been shown,” the Washington County DA explained. “If they have, then it would stay in the youth part. If the court considers it has not, then the matter would be handled in family court” Jordan went on to say.

Prominent area attorney Tucker Stanclift, who is not representing anyone in this case, broke down for us the severity of the charges.

“If he’s charged with manslaughter in the second degree, that’s a Class A violent felony” said Stanclift. “ And as adult, that person could serve many many years in state prison, but as a youthful offender, if he’s granted that status, then the sentence would be as if it was a E felony., and that would be up to four years in prison” the attorney added.

Back at the scene of the incident, detectives told  us that residents of the property are not yet allowed to return. For those who lived in the apartment where the shooting occurred, that home may never be the same.

Grief counselors continue to be on hand to help students cope with this tragedy, especially with school resuming shortly. Reporting from Washington County, Zion Decoteau, NEWS 10 ABC. 

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