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Apple CEO Tim Cook’s fake Instagram account is followed by senior executives – Times of India

Apple CEO Tim Cook is not too prolific on social media. He has a Twitter (now known as X) account but he isn’t one of those who posts daily on social media. Which is why it came as a surprise when an Instagram account under his name was spotted. A report by 9to5Mac reveals that the account — which is followed by senior Apple executives — is actually a fake one.
The account does look ‘real’ and till now has just two posts. One was made on August 20 — World Photography Day — and shared two images clicked by the iPhone. The second post is related to an ad campaign by Apple. The fake account is followed by two senior Apple vice presidents — Lisa Jackson and Alan Dye. A few other Apple employees also follow the fake account, reveals the report.

Not too active on social media

As mentioned above, Cook doesn’t have too many social media accounts. He does have an account on Weibo — the Chinese social media platform but apart from that Cook doesn’t do too much social media. While Apple does have official accounts on TikTok, and Instagram, the company CEO has refrained from making personal accounts on any of those platforms.
Meanwhile, we can expect Cook to soon share a few posts on X in the next month. Apple is expected to reveal the new iPhones sometime in September. Traditionally, Cook does make a few posts. One on the event day and then after the iPhones are announced. He also generally posts on the day the iPhones are expected to go on sale.
Otherwise, Cook’s posts are far and few in between and are focused on Apple. Cook doesn’t use his X account for anything personal but his posts are about important Apple announcements, or images clicked by iPhones or when he wishes people on some festive occasions.

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